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2008-0607 - Interest Rates for Province of Manitoba Bonds

June 13, 2008

On May 15, 2008 Manitoba Finance announced the interest rate for Manitoba Builder Bonds, Series 10, on sale May 20 to June 3 throughout the province. In addition, the interest rate for all outstanding floating rate bonds, which are adjustable and redeemable annually, has been set at 2.4 per cent effective June 15., 2008.

Builder Bonds Series 7 five-year fixed and five-year floating rate bonds and Builder Bonds Series 9 three-year fixed rate bonds mature on June 15, 2008, and will be redeemed by direct deposit.

The outstanding floating rate bonds are listed under the following symbols:

MBHF.D  -  Builder VIII June15/09 Annual Floating Rate
MBIF.D  -   Builder IX June15/10 Annual Floating Rate
MHIF.D  -  Hydro 9 June 15/11 Annual Floating Rate
MHJF.D  -  Hydro 10 June 15/12 Annual Floating Rate

Further details on the Manitoba Builder Bonds and Hydro Bonds are available in the CNQ Issuer Disclosure Hall or more information may be obtained by calling the toll-free bond line at 1-800-565-0350.
If you have any questions or require further information about CNQ, please contact Radhika Joseph at (416) 572-2000 X 2435 or E-mail:




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