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The Life Sciences sector includes companies involved in biopharmaceuticals, medical manufacturing and distribution, and bio products.

Life sciences companies listed on CSE

Juva Life is working to bring the cannabis market face to face with the sector’s next generation investment grade business model. From in-house research, cultivation, manufacturing, retail, and delivery services, Juva employs state of the art tools in discovery, development, and data science to identify new molecular entities for major unmet medical needs. Our initial focus is on cannabis, where we are deploying our platform to target consumer and pharma applications. Find out more at:


The Company is engaged in the business of producing nutritional beverage drinks using a proprietary blend of nootropics and natural organic compounds to enhance human productivity without using harmful chemicals or stimulants.

Leviathan Natural Products concentrates on non-psychoactive hemp derived products for the health and wellness market. The Company’s global capabilities position it to become a leading multi-jurisdictional cannabinoid producer – one that brings together the best cannabinoid products, brands and expertise from Canada and around the world. The Leviathan portfolio currently comprises Jekyll+Hyde Brand Builders Inc., a marketing services agency specializing in the cannabis/hemp sector; Leviathan US Inc., which is poised to begin manufacturing cannabinoid products from its facility in Smith County, Tennessee; LCG Holdings Inc., which intends to build a facility and cultivate hemp and manufacture cannabidiol extracted products in Carmen de Viboral, Colombia; and Woodstock Biomed Inc., which owns a 30-acre property with greenhouse infrastructure in Pelham, Ontario. 

Liberty Health Sciences Inc. is an investor and operator in the medical cannabis market, capitalizing on new and existing opportunities in the United States.

Lobe Sciences is a growth-oriented research, technology and services company focused on transformational medicines and devices.  Based in Vancouver, BC, Lobe Sciences Ltd. creates value through acquisitions and development of assets, products and technologies by leveraging its scientific, engineering, branding and operation expertise supported by strong capital markets acumen.  

LUFF Brands is an Oregon-based CBD lifestyle company, focused on providing premium quality, innovative products across the United States.   Committed to plant-based science, LUFF produces a suite of thoughtfully designed products, including CBD gummies, tinctures, creams and gel caps. 

The company focuses on unique formulations leveraging cannabinoids such as CBG and CBN; and boosts them with super food ingredients like acai and passionfruit flower to empower people to realize the full potential of everyday life.   LUFF’s scientifically formulated products are non-GMO, THC-free, 3rd party tested, and only crafted with hemp grown in the United States. 

ManifestSeven is the first integrated omnichannel platform for legal cannabis, merging compliant distribution with a retail superhighway. M7, headquartered in Irvine, California, services the needs of lawful operators across the supply chain, from the cultivator to the consumer, through an expansive network of four facilities stretching from the San Francisco Bay Area to San Diego. M7 further augments its business-to-business value proposition with a growing portfolio of owned and operated retail operations located in major metro markets, including brick-and-mortar dispensaries, local on-demand delivery services, e-commerce, and subscription offerings.

Investor Note: In addition to the 98,963,015 Subordinate Voting Shares that are listed and trading, there are 103,660,840 Subordinate Voting Shares reserved for issuance pursuant to (i) 29,504,684 Subordinate Voting Shares issuable on conversion of the Subordinate Non-Voting Shares of the Issuer, (ii) 10,423,390 Subordinate Voting Shares issuable on conversion of the Proportionate Voting Shares of the Issuer, (iii) 55,242,064 Subordinate Voting Shares issuable on exercise of 55,242,064 warrants existing in ManifestSeven, Inc., a wholly-owned Delaware subsidiary of the Issuer, which were assumed as an obligation of the Issuer, and (iv) 8,490,702 Subordinate Voting Shares issuable on exercise of 8,490,702 options existing in ManifestSeven, Inc., a wholly-owned Delaware subsidiary of the Issuer, which were assumed as an obligation of the Issuer. In addition, certain convertible notes are outstanding which are convertible into Subordinate Voting Shares in accordance with their terms (see the Company’s Listing Statement for further details).

MATICA ENTERPRISES INC. is a Canadian publicly traded company focused on the Canadian Cannabis sector. Matica’s RoyalMax Biotechnology Canada Inc. has been granted a cultivation licence from Health Canada and is currently growing cannabis on Montreal’s west island. Matica is also building a 200,000 square foot greenhouse in the township of Hemmingford, just south of Montreal. Matica is planning for 1,000,000 square feet of greenhouses and for 25 acres of outdoor growing of cannabis on the 181 acre Hemmingford property.  In addition to growing cannabis Matica is expanding into alternative cannabis delivery systems beginning with proprietary topicals creams using a mineral clay suspension technology which would provide a time released delivery. Recent developments in the regulation of cannabis have brought new opportunities to the Canadian marketplace and Matica will grow as the regulations unfold.  

MedMen Enterprises is the preeminent cannabis company in the U.S. and the most recognized brand in the emerging marijuana industry, with assets and operations in California, Nevada and New York. Based in Los Angeles, MedMen brings class leading operational expertise and unprecedented investment to the fast changing and fast-growing cannabis industry. MedMen is also one of the nation’s largest financial supporters of progressive marijuana legalization efforts at local, state and federal levels.

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