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$300 to $1,000 discount for CSE Listed Issuers
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Foreign Market Access

The CSE strongly advocates its issuers consider Cross–Trading in the US on either of the two SEC compliant and transparent trading platforms; the OTCQB Venture Market or OTCQX Best Market. The opportunity this affords, for US brokers and dealers to now recommend your stock to the worlds largest capital pool, can’t be understated. Based on an exemption under the US Exchange Rule Act, for issuers in Canada trading on the CSE, there are no additional reporting requirements and the relative costs minimal. This injects volume into your CSE listing and helps achieve fair evaluation and enhanced liquidity.

OTC Advisory Services is a qualified OTC Markets Group sponsor. We take the time to deliver an overview of how this market in the US can help you achieve greater investor engagement. There are some required steps we provide, such as a Form 211, (so your stock can trade in the US) and a Letter of Introduction, to trade on the OTCQB or QX. Additionally we can obtain DTC eligibility for your US stock and will explain why you might consider that now, or at a later date.



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