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CSE listed companies receive 10% off short-term advertising campaigns (3-6 months) and 20% off long-term advertising campaigns (6-12) months.
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Consulting, Media and Communications, Investor Relations

Hunting Data is a boutique digital advertising firm based out of Miami, Florida. We support companies big and small, regardless of industry. Our founding principle is that all companies deserve an opportunity to increase their market visibility, share their story, and capture their market.

Traditional media efforts can be expensive and ineffective. Hunting Data utilizes a different approach. Our founders developed a proprietary methodology that drives maximum impact for clients in a cost-effective way.

Whether you want to capture potential investors or sell your latest product, we can help achieve your goals. Armed with our proprietary methodology, we offer customizable digital advertising campaigns based on your specific needs and budget.

Campaigns can be global, country specific, regional, or microtargeted on a local level. We can reach your target audience in +150 countries and +450K websites based on geographic, demographic, socio-economic factors, and demonstrated areas of interest. Your ads can be published on major, global financial sites, news networks, and social platforms.

We collaborate with your team to develop the goals and objectives for your campaign. Then, we create ads tailored to you. Once your campaign is live, we actively manage it every step of the way to achieve maximum effectiveness. But we don’t stop there!

Every month we meet with your team to deliver performance analytics, insights, and recommendations. The goal: To help you understand the data, further enhance engagement from your target audience, and maximize the impact of your campaign.

Since our founding in 2020 we have delivered successful campaigns to a wide variety of companies: Micro-, small-, and mid-cap companies listed on exchanges in Canada and the U.S., private companies on a path to becoming public, and private companies looking to remain private. We also work with venture capital firms, investor relations companies, public relations companies, independent equity research companies, and crowdfunding platforms.

We are confident that no matter what your advertising needs are, Hunting Data has you covered. Let’s work together to capture your market!



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