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For any 6 month program, North Equities will offer a 5-10% cash discount for issuers coming through the CSE's trusted service provider list.
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Consulting, Investor Relations, News Dissemination

North Equities is a marketing and consulting firm based out of Toronto. North Equities started in the crypto/blockchain space during 2017, where social media, influencers, and videos were crucial to the success of marketing campaigns. After helping companies raise over $2B through 5M+
investors, we took our innovative marketing tactics into traditional equity markets. When we entered the space,
we identified a massive void in what marketing companies were offering.

Few companies leverage the power of social media marketing. Most of what's offered are newsletters, email lists or landing pages, and pay-per-click ads. On one side there’s massive saturation and the other requires huge cash budgets.

We're taking social media marketing to the next level. Technology is ever changing and there are so many ways to stand out in a crowded market! We're utilizing influencers, videos, trending social channels and discussion groups to facilitate engagement and grow your following.

As on the beginning of 2020, North Equities has served over 200 public issuers, has 30+ active employees and a proven track record in delivering results in both the canadian markets and US big board listed issuers.



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